Aiming to live up to the highest compliance, RAD Lending’s Pre-ICO will be available to U.S. accredited invеstors and invеstors from all over the world.

However, all potential invеstors need to go through and identification process and anti money laundering (AML) checks. Invеstors that are US residents need also to complete an accredited invеstor status verification.

How to Get Whitelisted as a RAD Lending invеstor?

1. Go to our homepage at, click on the “Get Whitelisted” button in top right corner


2. That will redirect you to the Invеstors Panel where you can start your registration process


3. Read and accept Terms and Conditions and complete account registration with our Invеstors Panel


4. Once ready – on the Verification page complete your ID verification and AML checks.

This will require entering your personal information and uploading:

All invеstor’s personal information will be processed with our PCI and GDPR compliant verification partner and will be treated with all protections required by law and necessary to keep the maximum level of protection for sensitive data.

5. Invеstors that are US residents will also need to confirm their accredited invеstors status to comply with the Rule 501(a) of Regulation D as defined by the SEC.

We use our partner for US invеstors accreditation. On the Verification page of the Invеstors  Panel, US investors will need to agree to go through the invеstor accreditation process with our partner and we will direct them to to complete the process.

Once your ID verification, AML checks, and accredited invеstor status check (for US investors) is completed, your account will receive verified status and you will be ready to make an invеstment (after the official commencement of the pre-ICO process).

Invеstment will be available through “Invest” button and “Balance” page in the Invеstors Panel (not active before the pre-ICO commencement date).

A Word of Caution

All information regarding your invеstmеnt, your balance and payment methods will be visible in your Invеstors panel on our website and its subdomains.

Never send any funds to any wallet address or bank account that you see in the social media or in your email inbox – this is 100% scam.

We will never publish any wallet address, bank account details or similar for sending funds on any public channels.

If you see such publications soliciting investments on social media, in your email, etc.– this is scam, please report it to us asap.

A complete list of our official communication channels is listed on