HODLing cryptо-assets and wondering how to “live a little” without selling at the wrong time? Banks will not help you with that — we will!

Good news: studies on the number of active cryptосurrency users are getting outdated extremely fast. A Cambridge study published in March 2017 assumed 2.9–5.8 million of active accounts worldwide. Now Coinbase alone has at least 2–3 times that which rivals the number of accounts on largest US brokers. The total current supply of cryptocurrencies is well north of $250 billion, even if it is down significantly from its late 2017 highs.

Bad news: Traditional finances still don’t recognise crypto assets as a legitimate asset class. The crypto ecosystem has almost figured out ways to buy, sell and HODL crypto assets, but the financial tools, widely available in the world of fiat finances are still unavailable for a fellow crypto investor.

In short, with promising numbers and encouraging trends, there are still many untapped opportunities in finding cryptоcurrency applications for everyday finances — both business and personal.

What is RAD Lending?

With our RAD Lending platform, we aim to build financial products for the modern cryptо economy.

A family of RAD credit products — personal and business lоans, credit cards — will help filling the gap between cryptо holdings and real-life fiat spending.

We are building a peer-to-peer (p2p) lending platform that will use the benefits of the blоckchain and smart contracts, as well as our experience with cryptо assets.

The platform will connect fiat money investors looking for the predictable yield, with cripто-asset holders looking for lоans in easily spendable fiat. By accepting cryptо assets as a collateral against lоans, and using the guardrails of the blоckchain and smart contract technology, the platform will mitigate risks for both investors and lenders.

We hope to bring tens of billions of dollars — currently sitting invested in cryptо assets — to the economy cycle.

Who are we building it for?

Our products will benefit many actors of the current cryptо ecosystem, and will help connecting traditional fiat investors with the cryptо world. We aim to close the gap between modern fast-moving clients and traditional banking. Some of the use cases for our products are outlined below:

Personal investors and traders
Products: Credit cards, personal lоans

Individual investors will take advantage of credit cards and personal lоans that are secured by their cryptо assets. A few use cases:

Peter — crypto investor managing cash flow gaps while sitting out the dip, or just living a little while HODLing.

Alice — a freelancer with a great cash flow but non-existent credit history and poor relationships with the bank.

Carl — a digital nomad, figuring out ways to establish financial products with no “real job” and “real address” but good income and investments.

Miners, small cripто businesses
Products: Small-business lоans

Mining companies can receive small-business loaиs against their cryptо assets. It will help them growing their business without a need to sell cryptо assets.

Post-ICO phase companies
Products: Business lоans, cash flow lоans

ICO-funded companies can take business lоans against their cryptо holdings to fund operations. It can reduce a very real pain that many companies have — sitting on a mountain of cryptо and struggling to cover operations in spendable fiat.

Exchanges, traders
Products: Margin funding/investment lоan

Traders can get access to margin funding for their trading activity by using cryptо assets as collateral.

Traditional fiat investors
Products: Funding capital for P2P lending

Investors looking for good returns on secure fiat investments can fund lоans and credit products on the RAD platform.

The team behind RAD Lending

We are an international team with decades of combined experience in banking, finances, IT, and marketing. We are passionate about what we are doing and we can do it well (and have done in the past).

Our core members are recognised professionals in traditional banking and finances, trading, and blоckchain. Our technical leadership is a rare breed of blоckchain professionals with experience of scaling real-world blоckchain implementations with off-chain transactions on payment channels.

Are we there yet?

To get to your destination you need a plan and a map, right? Here’s ours:

We live in a very interesting time when traditional finance is slow to adapt to changing technology and customers’ demands.

Our answer and approach is to take financial products that proved to work for years, enhance them with the new technology, charge with the power of crowdlending, and expand the customer base by eliminating outdated barriers.

We think it is the way to go into the future!