A description of our light and compliant investment process flow, aimed to guide investors through the process. In our pre-ICO offering we require investors to register in our investors’ panel to manage their investment, verify their identity and manage RAD Tokens. Several steps outlined below are required to open all investment options for the eligible investor.

1. Go to the Investors Panel

2. Create an Investor’s Account

You need to enter your legal First and Last names (if you have a legal middle name, you will be able to add it on a later stage), your country and your account password.

After reading and agreeing to Terms and Conditions and to Representations relevant to your country, your account will be created.

3. Confirm your Email address

Check your email – we will send you a confirmation email from our no-reply@radlending.com

Press on the Verify link in the email and log in into your account using your email and the password you entered on registration.

4. Investors Panel

Now you can enter your RAD account and Investors Panel. Here’s a short overview of sections.

ICO Documents section

This is where you will find all documents regarding the project and the offering – Light Paper, White Paper, offering memorandums, subscriptions agreements, etc. Please read this document carefully to understand the project and evaluate the offering.

Balance page

On this page, you can track your RAD tokens balance, send investments, read and sign your subscription agreement. Investment process for an eligible account is a 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Select the Investment currency from ETH, BTC, USD and send the investment

After you selected the currency you will see the instructions on how to send your investment amount. For ETH and BTC you will see your unique investment address where you will send your investment. For USD, you will see wire instructions for sending investment from your bank account.

For ETH and BTC all you need to do to send your investment is just to make a transaction on the wallet that is shown in your account from any wallet that you have – you can even use an exchange wallet – we will still be able to track the transaction and assign the investment to your account (because we issue a unique blockchain address for every eligible account).

For USD – just follow the bank wire instructions on the page.

Step 2: Sign the subscription agreement.

Enter the amount of your investment into the field, select currency and you will see the number of RAD Tokens based on current price tier and currency rates.

Read the subscription agreement and sign it on the signature pad.

Press Submit and we will save the agreement. It will be accessible on your account for your future reference.

Step 3: Check for update on your RAD Balance.

Once we detect the incoming investment, we will update your RAD Tokens Balance.

Verification page

On this page, we complete a verification of your identity. We are required to do so since every token holder is a shareholder of the company.

The first step of verification is providing your legal First, Last, Middle (if applicable) names, address, and phone number.

After that, you will be able to upload one selfie picture of your face and one picture of your ID verification document. Please do not use photoshopped, old or retouched pictures – make a fresh selfie for best verification results.

We do not store your images or your document images and directly send them via an encrypted channel to our PCI and GDPR compliant verification partner Shufti Pro.

After the verification process is completed you will receive an email and your Verification page will be updated with your new status.

We have a live chat available on the website, so with any issues during your investment process – just ping our specialist on the chat and we will help.