First real credit card backed by cryptо assets

  • Skip the traditional credit scoring.
  • Get a real credit limit.
  • Enjoy zero interest during the grace period.
  • Get a credit limit secured by cryptо assets—spend your money, hold your assets.
  • Enjoy flexible spending with no transaction fees.
First real

Virtual cards for better spending control and security

  • Create multiple virtual cards with one click.
  • Set limits for every virtual card or lock it for a particular merchant.
  • Use a virtual card without compromising your main card.
  • In the case of a major credit card hack, you can just dispose the virtual card associated with the merchant.
  • Get rid of unsolicited recurring subscriptions by using a temporary virtual card.
Virtual Cards

Fund the card with fiat or BTC, ETH or ERC20 tоkens

  • Fund your card or repay the card balance in fiat or in your favorite cryptоcurrency.
  • Fiat payments and ETH blоckchain support in MVP (first development phase).
  • Bitcоin blоckchain support and cryptоcurrency exchange functionality (available on later development phases).
Fund card

Credit limit backed by cryptо assets

  • Set the desired size of your card credit limit.
  • Find the right balance between the interest rate, credit limit and collateral size.
  • Crypto collateral will be secured by a smart contract in a decentralized way.
Credit limit

Security without compromising usability

  • Authorize payments with biometric data.
  • Integrated with reliable, proven hosted wallet solution.
  • Secured your collateral by smart contract on a blоckchain.
  • Prevent card fraud with an easy “freeze card” function.
  • Keep merchant transactions under control with unlimited virtual cards.

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